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Traffic Swirl (trafficswirl.com) Review - Scam or Legit?

EasyHits4u.com Review - Legit Site
Owner/Alias : John Bell a.k.a insidmal


4-10 Sec.





BESTCASHWEBSITES.net - Traffic Swirl is one of the best lists of all Traffic Exchanges website. This website also ranked 2 on Affiliate Funnel, which is a sign of great reputation. From first established at 2010, Traffic Swirl is paying without miss single payment. From the detailed report, please see below.


This website is owned and operated by John Bell a.k.a insidmal who is also the owner of insidmaldesign.com. He also own several websites like Affiliate Toolbox, FashCashandTraffic, ViralListBuilder with good reputation each site.


There are no restrictions from any country which is great for a traffic exchange website. All countries are accepted. You country's flag will be shown on the Chat box, after you add your country's ID on your profile.


This website has a various timer based on what member you are. Free member got 8 seconds timer, and pro member got 6 seconds timer. As for the 4 seconds timer, you can buy the Turbo Surf at MarketPlace.


The cash commission are varies. You can earn cash from completing achievement, promoting Traffic Swirl, Referral contest, etc. As for surfing cash, you earn $0.15 for completing each Surfing Achievement on the Achievement section.


Till this post was made, the total Traffic Swirl member is more than 29.000. It's really a growing site, and has a good popularity.


TrafficSwirl accept Paypal Verified and Payza Verified. If your account is Unverified, you can't buy things from traffic swirl, nor receive your payment.


The minimum cashout is $20. You can start earn by referring others, and receiving Commissions. It used to be a Cash contest every week, but Now the program has changed. You will only earn XX percent from Referral commissions.


This website paid me already. See the payment proof below. Or check our payment proofs section.
Traffic Swirl Payment proof.


As all the program and statements above I can say that this site is safe and paying. Traffic swirl has various and interesting ways to earn. You can earn from promoting traffic swirl, referring other, join the tournament, completing the achievement, adding friends, send message to other members, or as simple as say something on chat box. You can earn more than $4 for completing achievement. All members are friendly, and active on chat. There no single payment complain from all member, which is a good sign and reputation from a worldwide website.

Traffic Swirl can give you so many opportunities to advertise your business to more than 26.000 members. Traffic swirl has a good website performance with the new server, and has a great support from website administrator. The Admin (John Bell) always online everyday, and you can talk with him directly on chat box. Overall, Traffic Swirl is on our best lists of all Traffic Exchange websites on the internet.

To join, simply click here www.trafficswirl.com or click the banner below